Starbucks Says That The Anti-White Starbucks Poster From Denver Is Fake

This one was floating around social media and one of our regular readers wrote in to ask if it was real. Normally, in this situation, one asks the ostensible source for their input, so I wrote to Starbucks and queried them. Here was the reply:

Hi Brett,

Thank you for reaching out. That poster is 100% fake and was not posted by Starbucks.


Starbucks Media Relations Team
206.318.7100 |

There you have it: the official corporate voice disowns this poster, so unless we suspect them of lying -- made unlikely by the fact that this was theoretically seen at only one location -- this poster is from a third party.

I cannot claim to be the world's largest Starbucks fan, mainly because it replaced a lot of independent coffee shops and their coffee is of variable quality, but one must be fair.


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