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No, Media, The Alt-Right Is Not "Reeling"

Leftists fear and despise the corporation. Corporations, in their view, are bad actors who will manipulate government and control our lives, just as they do in Hollywood movies. Corporations are evil. They intend to take over completely, make us all serfs, and then convert the world into some kind of cybernetic 1984 singularity.This might worry you, but then again, Leftists are unhappy neurotics, so you take everything they say with a grain of salt. Leftists forget that corporations are simply large businesses that are responsible to shareholders instead of a single owner. They are not inherently evil, but like all individuals and all businesses, they are driven by a profit motive.However, Leftists seem to excuse them of that when the corporations in question are part of the media. A news corporation exists to tell us the unvarnished truth and hold back fascist government, which despite having been leaning Left for the last seventy years, somehow is still prone to become a hybrid of A…

Populism Means Hierarchy Which Means The Intelligent Are Back In Power

We live on the edge of vast change. An older has died after fifty years of supreme power; now, it has revealed that it has failed. Even more, it has shown us that it was never sincere and that its ultimate goal is tyranny, or leadership that serves itself instead of the future of our people, our culture, and our civilization. That realization makes us turn toward those things again, rediscovering their value.Even more ominous, we are about 230 years into a system -- democracy -- that usually fails at the 250 year point. Since the French Revolution in 1789, the fortunes in the West have fallen, when we look at social order, but our bank accounts have risen thanks to our reckless use of technology. During that time, we have plundered the globe and left it strewn with human waste and litter, with its natural ecosystems weakened.During the same time we have lost much of our culture. Customs are dead, as are graceful interactions, and art and literature are pale shadows of themselves, main…

On The Necessity Of Self-Determination

From noted African nationalist scholar Osiris Akkebala, a thoughtful analysis of the fundamental need of any group to be in control of its future and the values under which it lives:
If You Are Not Talking About The Need For Afrika And Black Afrikans Liberation, You Are A Distraction To Black Afrikan People
Chief Elder Osiris
We Black people talk about a lot of things that has nothing to do with what we need to do to change the status of Afrika and Black Afrikans living condition.
There is no benefit to having a romantic notion about Afrika and your Black self when you have no love for Afrika and your Black self, we talk a futile game playing to the will and wishes of white folks oligarchs, your enemy, Black Woman and Man!!!
Many Black Afrikans hate the fact that our Chattel Enslavement is still a topic being mention today by  a few conscious Black Afrikans, the most of us act as if all is well with Afrika and the Black Afrikan today, we have now become a full time believer in believ…

An Interesting Argument For Monarchism

From the USmonarchy group on Reddit, a series of arguments:
I recognize a real and tangible need for our country to re-evaluate our principles, values, and what we expect from our government; most people can agree that some manner of fundamental change would be in our best interest. What we seldom agree on, however, is what changes should be made...

So why monarchism? Why in the world would America need a king?

Reason I: Integrity.

From the lowest representative up to the head of the executive branch, almost all our government officials appear to be bought and paid for, beholden to the special interest groups and lobbyists that fund their election campaigns. That means that the power to regulate, one that is supposed to be invested in the populace, actually resides in the pockets of the wealthy and well-connected. The reality is, what ails our political system cannot simply be remedied by voting; only power in the right hands can do that.

A monarch has direct access to t…


Tommy Robinson is in jail for civil disobedience. He acted in defiance of a media blackout against reporting the gangs that were grooming and prostituting young girls, and the taboo against mentioning that the people doing this were not ethnically indigenous Britons; they were "Asians," or people from places like Pakistan who tended to be of the Muslim faith. He knew they were going to arrest him.The courts reacted predictably and jailed Robinson, but he knew that was coming; he realized that his only way to keep the English courts from making this issue slide out of public view was to legally martyr himself:English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson has been jailed for 13 months after being arrested outside Leeds Crown Court last week, court officials have confirmed.He was arrested on Friday for contempt of court after using social media to broadcast details of an ongoing trial which is subject to blanket reporting restrictions.Reporting restrictions were also placed on …

Aborting Down Syndrome Babies Is An Absolute Moral Imperative

Conservatives have played it dumb throughout history mainly because they have no faith that social order will actually change. Having accepted defeat, and decided to work with a broken system, they then contort their beliefs to rationalize the decay, and focus on symbolic issues in order to unify themselves since they are basically dispirited and confused.One symbolic issue that plagues conservatism is abortion. At its core, we dislike abortion from a sanctity of life argument: terminating a unique new life simply for sexual convenience is, after all, a sign of extreme moral decline and an ugliness that spreads a utilitarian view of life to other areas. However, the nature of symbolic issues is that they become manipulative, since reality is forgotten in favor of symbolism.Over at The Federalist, David Marcus, writes in disapproval of aborting Down's Syndrome babies:No decent parent rejects a child’s love because the child is imperfect. Nobody casts aside an eight-year-old because…

Death Worship

Nature puts limits on every species. Most, if they grow too fast, will eat themselves out of food and die off. Others become too powerful and end up becoming prey for other species. Still others self-destruct simply by dominating their environment so much that they fail to adapt to it, at which point they drift into irrelevance and cannot react to changes in their environment.Humanity has a built-in limiter: all of our civilizations destroy themselves once they get too powerful. Up until now, this has kept us from tearing up the planet, but with technology (notably the internal combustion engine) we beat the odds, it seemed. Now we realize that we are not safe from our own suicidal pathology, but instead, will just experience a harder fail as our societies disintegrate.In our case, this pathology begins when we become individualistic, or prioritize ourselves over the larger order. We can have only one: either our goal and measurement of the world is the self, or it is an order larger …

Starbucks Says That The Anti-White Starbucks Poster From Denver Is Fake

This one was floating around social media and one of our regular readers wrote in to ask if it was real. Normally, in this situation, one asks the ostensible source for their input, so I wrote to Starbucks and queried them. Here was the reply:Hi Brett,Thank you for reaching out. That poster is 100% fake and was not posted by Starbucks.Best,
Starbucks Media Relations Team
206.318.7100 | press@starbucks.comThere you have it: the official corporate voice disowns this poster, so unless we suspect them of lying -- made unlikely by the fact that this was theoretically seen at only one location -- this poster is from a third party.I cannot claim to be the world's largest Starbucks fan, mainly because it replaced a lot of independent coffee shops and their coffee is of variable quality, but one must be fair.