Why School Shootings Ravage America

Another school shooting, another "thoughts and prayers" kind of week. It gets comical after a while: a true enemy confronts us in the face, and we are busy distracting ourselves with the irrelevant. Almost like we want to die out.

People, like the angry monkeys that they are, are willing to jump to conclusions after a school shooting based on what they already want to prove. They can blame guns, or absent fathers, or any number of other nonsense scapegoats, but no one will look at the actual cause.

Modern life is existential Hell. We have more technology and wealth than ever before, but the actual measure of life -- our time -- is spent on wasteful, pointless, aggravating, and frustrating red tape and make-work. We have become caged birds: we must sing for our supper, but no one is really listening. It is all just pro forma compliance so the herd does not see us as a threat.

Kids have nothing to look forward to. A broken marriage, forty-five years of a job doing things so other people look good, lots of taxes, and watching everything they do get eaten by third world immigration and native Idiocracy. For a normal person, for whom career is not a higher purpose, life is meaningless and destructive.

As a result, they are choosing to go out early. Better to get thrown in jail for sixty years than suffer under this insanity. Sure, the girlfriend turning you down or the rejection by your social group is the touchstone, but really, you were ready for war long before. This world is a waste, without a need to be. You detest it, but no one will listen, because they are addicted to their own self-importance. They need a wake-up call, a really brutal wake-up call.

As a friend writes:

School needs to stop seeming like a prison. These attacks are a form of a pseudo-jailbreak. Kids are compelled to go through this school system , where they are constantly trolled and marginalized. Girls are treated way better than boys are, and have it much easier socially, in terms of making friends, and not being blamed for all of society's ills.

There is no cultural place for white boys to go. Everything is NBA, rap, pc culture, feminism, environmentalism ---- nothing for a red blooded American. Young white boys are no longer given a place at the table - so expect them to retaliate. They are probably tired of being talked down to and marginalized by leftist morons who couldn't hack it in the private sector.

Notice that all masculine and European things have been replaced by feminine and minority-oriented pursuits. To a young male, it is clear that this society does not want him, that there is no future for him, and that he is resented for having the possibility of rising out of this mess unlike everyone else who depends on it. Society hates males, especially young white males.

Most people have invested all of their effort into denying problems. If they admit problems, it makes them feel less like narcissistic success stories and more like accidental profiteers, and so they are fundamentalist against accepting anything other than dogma. The dogma makes them feel like there is a narrative in which they are good people and, being selfish, they drift off into oblivion thinking nice thoughts about themselves...

This is why adults are both oblivious and in denial about school shootings. The school shooter is the kid willing to sacrifice himself to reveal that the bubble of modernity in which we exist is an illusion, and that real threats exist, and that adults deny these because they want to feel good about themselves, not for any logical reason.

Until we fix our society, the school shootings will continue. Until we resurrect our civilization, and by so doing make denial revealed as the hostile act that it is, people will continue self-destructing by destroying others because they hate those others for being liars who accept the order as it is.


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